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New Yoga Loose Running Clothing Set

  • Self Tie closure, Hand Wash Only
  • This open-back shirt is very cute and sporty, nice drapey. Loose enough to work out comfortably and not hug my tummy.
  • Very cool with the open back allows for breathing room when you start to sweat during your workout. The back cut shows off your fancy and strappy sports bras
  • The back is open from the neckline down making it possible to tie loose or tightly which is a nice option depending on where you are working out. Since the top is adjustable, you make it look you desire, make the shape as tight or loose as you'd like
  • Suitable for all age of women: If you are a mom and don't want it to cling to belly, you can keep it untied in the back, perfect for cover your belly and make it loose fit. If you are a gym woman, tie it back to crop top length and show your charming body